Healthy Office Habits to Keep You Proactive

Long office hours, climbing expectations, pressing schedule and tenacious deadlines. To add to it all there is always the all-conquering need to excel. The all-important thumb rule of the survival of the fittest. In the current competitive world even the smartest of minds spend endless hours of labour to keep up with the pace of this fast moving world.

The rigorous working hours may lead to unhealthy habits. Apart from drastically affecting your overall well-being, they also defeat the very cause of your profession productivity and efficiency at work.

Here are some healthy habits to keep you proactive at work.

Exercises :

The long hours at the desk means that the body is deprived of its share of physical exercise. Exercising of the body is important for the sake of muscle strength as well as for your cardiovascular health. A healthy body means a healthy mind and better powers of concentration.

The Concept of Breaks :

The temperature of our body fluctuates from time to time throughout the day. This is a major reason of break in concentration. Taking small breaks and involving oneself in some small physical activity whenever one feels a lapse in concentration is a good way of stabilizing the body temperatures.

Avoid Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol :

Addiction to caffeine, nicotine and alcohol is a very common occurrence among the office going population. These habits although may provide some relief from stress and anxiety in the short term, are extremely harmful for your life supporting organs in the long run.

Feed your Brain well

Concentration plays an important role in improving work efficiency. If you can’t concentrate, it is fairly a sign that your brain is not getting enough nutrition. Eating right is very important for your brain. We should have adequate vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients supply for our brain through fruits, vegetables and even supplements. On one hand, white sugar, refined carbs, MSG and other artificial sweeteners should be avoided, on the other hand, we should ensure spices, herbs, neurotoxins, proteins should be sufficiently included in our diet to ensure improved brain activity

Meditation :

People who regularly practice meditation have a higher concentration span compared to people who have never practiced meditation in their life. The practice of meditation gives one mindfulness and an increased sense of awareness in the moment, which helps one deal with a situation with a calm mind.

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